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Best live sports betting sites with in-play platform

Today it’s impossible to imagine online betting sites without a live section. Bettors love to risk their money as actual events unfold! You can watch a live stream and make real-time predictions or, better yet, place your bets via a mobile device from a sports arena.

Live odds and the selection of betting markets are often somewhat lower than in prematch, but the thrill that you get from live gambling is many times bigger.

However, it is of crucial importance to know the best live betting sites in South Africa. The expert team of sports experts on Takebet South Africa has specified and described these companies in great detail. We have compiled a list of sports gambling sites offering live bets so you can pick one.

Read the reviews and easily choose the perfect in-play betting site for yourself!

Intro to live sports betting on bookmaker sites in South Africa

The meaning of betting on sports live is placing bets on sporting events as they unfold. It starts with the first second of the game and comes to end with the last. A live mode is known for fast payouts, unique bets, frequent odds fluctuations, and mobile-friendliness.

At online bookies, a live platform is among the two main modes of betting, as opposed to a traditional prematch product where bettors make their predictions before a match starts. The history of live gambling began in the 00s thanks to a renowned international online bookmaker, Bet365 being among the first to offer this opportunity.

The activity of punting live gained more and more admirers due to the rapid development of telecommunication technology, live statistics, and broadcasting of sporting events. Now one can easily watch almost any popular match and place bets on it simultaneously on the best live sports betting sites in South Africa, from home or on the go.

Many believe that in-play gambling picks up steam also because it increases the players’ chances of making a correct prediction. To get an edge, bettors can watch teams in real-time to analyse athlete performances, consider weather conditions, and much more!

How to bet on sports in live

Risking your money in a live mode can be unpredictable. You can make a fortune gambling in-play or stumble upon some losses in a rather short period. To become successful in live sports gambling, a player needs to gain experience in the field and practise all the time. However, there are some valuable pieces of advice from professional punters on how to succeed with in-play betting sites and make money along the way.

  • Rule #1. Create your strategy and stick to it. You can add minor changes to improve the tactics as you go: change the odds you choose, the timing of bets, the share of a bankroll you risk with, and the tournaments and betting markets you pick. Moreover, beginners should start by spending only a little bit of money in a live mode. When you begin, try to proceed with minimal stakes and increase them gradually.
  • Rule #2. Watch the actual sports events. Otherwise, your chances of making correct predictions and winning will be significantly lower. Don’t get distracted from the action on the field as you can miss some valuable details, leading to the loss of bets. Instead, keep concentrated all the time and take notice of every single change in the game.
  • Rule #3. Place only a few live bets simultaneously. You should focus on the limited amount of bets and wait for the perfect moment. It would help if you don’t try to recover after several lost bets by risking even more on in-play betting sites. Those emotional predictions need to be corrected to be profitable. Cool down before you continue!

Furthermore, professionals playing on sports gambling websites recommend beginners perform analysis and study statistics before punting on any game. As it appears, in-play betting requires discipline, self-control, preparation, focus, and patience to win!

Here is how you make your first live bet with an online bookmaker:

  1. Create an account on a sportsbook website or in a betting app.
  2. Deposit with a method of your choice or use a free bet.
  3. Proceed to an event in your favourite sport that is taking place right now.
  4. Add a selection to your slip and submit it before the odds change.

Live wagers are accepted instantly, which is crucial to your in-game experience. A perfect moment may be lost if it is not so. For example, if you wait, a bookie may lower the odds.

Best live betting sites for great experience

The most important thing is to find platforms that will provide you with a fantastic user experience. The best websites for betting on sports in a live mode offer a tremendous diversity of options: hundreds of tournaments, thousands of sporting events, lots of betting markets, and fair odds. Of course, they also provide live sports streaming.

Your online bookmaker should be reliable and have a license that allows this company to work legitly online and ensures the security of each player of the platform.

Check out the list of gambling sites with live options that are a perfect choice for you!


The 1xBet online bookmaker has been offering its services online since 2011. Nowadays, it has an extensive fan base of about half a million players worldwide who enjoy this platform’s features. 1xBet offers a highly diverse betting line, a live platform, an easy-to-use website in various languages, and mobile device applications.


The Bet365 online bookmaker is among the best in-play betting sites globally. It was founded in the 2000s and still maintains its highest standards.

Bet365 allows a sports bettor to place bets on thousands of events and watch live broadcasts. Moreover, it offers a wide selection of sports disciplines to bet on, starting with soccer, tennis, and basketball, and finishing with eSports. It also provides various means of payment, a simple registration procedure, and helpful customer care.


The 22bet bookmaker is another site on the list of the best ones for in-game sports betting. It started operating in 2017. Since then, this bookie has earned the trust of a significant number of people across the globe.

The sportsbook offers tens of sports and thousands of sporting events, a substantial diversity of payment options, and exciting bonuses.


This bookmaker is also among the best contemporary sports betting sites with a live mode. Betwinner has operated under its international license since 2018.

This company allows gamblers to bet on a wide range of sports and tournaments: it showcases about 1,000 live events daily. This online bookie also has marvellous promotions for new and existing customers.


Betway belongs to the top sports betting sites with a live platform and has already gained about two million players since it was established in 2006.

The bookmaker allows prematch and in-play bets on sporting events comprising the most followed championships. What is more, Betway boasts a modern website and a betting app with easy navigation and all the functionality of the full website.

Choose among the betting sites from the ratings of Takebet South Africa: note the scores we assign and read our reviews of the best websites and genuine customer reviews left by bettors.

You can pick one bookie or try a few ones to find the one you will enjoy the most!

Advantages you get in-play

In-play sports gambling has a significant number of benefits. First and foremost, placing bets in-play provides players with an opportunity to win in minutes, given that top online bookmakers settle live bets right after the chosen outcome has happened.

Also, things may happen at the start of a match that you cannot predict in advance. For example, a player you were waiting for in a soccer match may miss the starting XI due to a coach’s decision or even injure himself in the first minutes of play. In addition, the weather conditions may prove harmful and influence the probability of goals.

All these details become visible only when a game starts. Therefore, as a punter, you will have a better opportunity to calculate the chances of outcomes during an actual match. This way, you will make more correct bets in a live mode on sports betting sites.

Live odds at online bookmakers

There is a considerable difference between prematch and live odds. In prematch, a team of analysts sets the odds with the help of automated mathematical systems. As a result, they are always thoroughly calculated.

When it comes to live odds, they are less thorough: a bookie sets them during a game, and they change as a match proceeds. Sometimes the odds on live online betting sites can be higher than anticipated based on chances, which gives players an edge.

Margins of odds in prematch are lower than in live gambling, so in-play odds are generally lower than prematch ones. However, with a swift mind and a great understanding of sports, you are sure to spot valuable live bets as a match proceeds.

Another extraordinary benefit of a live mode appreciated by professional gamblers is the ability to wager on several events simultaneously. The best live bookmakers often provide a unique interface to follow several games simultaneously.

Unique types of live bets

You will find all the unique types of bets on the best live sport betting sites rated by Takebet South Africa. Bookmakers drop these exceptional odds as a match starts.

Popular live betting markets at online bookies include:

  • team or athlete to score the next goal/point;
  • player to land the next yellow card;
  • minute of the next goal/point;
  • will a penalty be scored;
  • occurrences in the next 5 minutes: a goal scored, a foul, and so on.

That said, punters can still place bets on the most popular markets like 1×2, over/under totals, and handicaps, as well as traditional prop and parlay bets during a match. Try and make correct predictions about the individual performance of players and teams, bet on singles or accumulators — you decide! With live options, you get more, not less.

Moreover, each sport has some special live bets. For instance, cricket fans can bet on the bowler to take the next wicket, or on the number of runs the teams will make in a particular period.

Unique in-play betting options (cash out)

Nowadays, almost all the top sports betting sites with a live mode have a cashout feature.

The cash out feature allows a player to receive a part of their winnings before the game in question ends or insure against losing the entire stake and get back what remains.

Cashout is beneficial in the following cases:

  1. The action in the sporting event is developing as you have predicted. For example, the team you have bet on scores a goal, so the match is progressing in your favour. Your chances of an overall win have just got higher. You can wait until the end of the game and land all the possible winnings while risking losing. Or, you can settle the bet immediately and get partial winnings with a cashout.
  2. The action in the sporting event is developing differently than you predicted. In this case, a cashout lets you receive some part of your initial stake back.

Usually, the cashout button is placed in the history of your punts. Select a bet and click on the button to see the money rolling. A bookmaker usually states the size of the payout and any possible winnings in advance and calculates them automatically.

Fast payouts of settled bets

Among the much-coveted features for sports bettors is the ability to place a bet in a couple of seconds, get a payout as quickly as possible, and withdraw the money instantly without waiting several hours or even days. Of course, top live bookmakers offer this.

All unsettled live wagers get settled as soon as an event is over. If an outcome you have wagered on has already happened, you may get your winnings even before the final whistle. Top bookies take your bets fast too, in one to three seconds. In the case of odds that have changed, a bookie may need a few moments more to adjust the odds.

Speed of payouts is essential because gamblers want to get their money as soon as possible, and the best live betting sites usually make payouts instantly.

Fun and edgy mobile experience

Some online bookmakers still provide services on their sites only. This is old-fashioned because gamblers want access to the services anytime and anywhere. However, the best sports gambling websites with a live product let you gamble on the go via an app!

You can bet while watching soccer or any other sport at a stadium or in the comfort of your sofa back home. Everything is possible with the top live sports betting sites that adapt their offering to the contemporary customer, going as far as providing live streams to mobile users. So you can watch sports and wager with your phone in hand.

All you need to join live gambling is your phone and an internet connection!

Choosing betting site with in-play mode

There are aspects you should consider when picking a bookmaker with a live option:

  • Reviews and customer opinions. Check the reviews of the experts of Takebet South Africa and actual customers to see whether they are satisfied or experiencing problems.
  • Assortment of events and betting options. Explore if the bookmaker has those sports and tournaments you wish to bet on, along with your most-loved bets.
  • Payout level of in-play. Online bookmakers supply you with different odds. The lower the margin, the higher the odds. We check the odds for you in our reviews.
  • Mobile application. A betting app makes it easier and quicker for a player to bet on the go and creates a perfect gambling experience for you.
  • Bonus system. Some top betting sites provide offers for live sports gambling action on top of traditional bonuses, such as accumulator or sign-up promotions.
  • Reliability. Last but not least, a factor always to consider is whether a platform is a safe place for your money. Check out their licenses!

All this information is crucial when choosing websites for in-play stakes.

Best sports to predict in live

Once you have selected an online bookie for live bets, you must choose a sport. Naturally, the best sports for live betting are those you understand.

However, the following sports stand out in terms of their in-play adoption:

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

Regarding statistics, other sports that enjoy immense fame among in-game bettors are horse racing, greyhounds, volleyball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, cricket, and rugby. Choosing a sport to bet on is one thing that matters the most in becoming a successful live gambler! And this is why Takebet South Africa is a right place to be for you.