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Online bookmaker best suitable for Australia, Sportsbet covers everything a local bettor may wish for.

  • Created with Australian bettors in mind
  • Rich with sports and betting markets
  • Average odds

If you are an experienced bettor, start reading our betting site review with the “Betting options” block, and find out how to play at Sportsbet, what kinds of sports, bet types, markets and events they cover as of now, along with other displayed features of their website. Or explore our in-depth review of by Takebet South Africa from start to end to get the point of what Sportsbet is and why it became so popular. We have covered Sportsbet history, registration process, available bonuses, payment options, interface, pluses and misses of the service. You’ll find everything you need to make up your mind whether to play with them or not. Want to learn more? Let’s get started with our review!

Sportsbet – Online Sportsbook Review


Sportsbet is an online betting company that takes the place of a consistently booming industry. But it wasn’t always that way, the bookmaker faced many obstacles, financial bankruptcy, and other fledgling operations since Sportsbet’s establishment. Here’s a history of the company and how it all went down.

  • It was established in Darwin back from 1993. The platform met the international regulations and was the first licensed bookmaker in Australia.
  • In 2005, Sportsbet was close to bankruptcy. That’s when a chief executive, Matthew Tripp, came in and purchased up the company with a price of $250,000.
  • Then Sportsbet turned into a multi-million dollar online empire in the betting niche.
  • In 2009, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power bought from Sportsbet’s CEO all his stakes for $400 million.
  • In 2016, Sportsbet was merged with British company Betfair.
  • This emerged entity was rebranded in Flutter Entertainment plc, which currently owns Sportsbet.


In the previous section, we’ve introduced this company, including its history and ownerships. But, let’s take a closer look at the legitimacy of this bookmaker. To find out whether it’s safe to play with Sportsbet, you should know the next facts. Firstly, the platform can be described as a licensed online gambling company by the Northern Area audit government. Regular checkups are performed, ensuring that Sportsbet met all the Australian laws and expectations in terms of security. We can therefore say that it’s legal to play with Sportsbet.

Secondly, Sportsbet has been in the gambling business for almost three decades of experience under its belt. Having said this, they offer a wide range of both local and international events with a great coverage of betting markets for placing a bet on Sportsbet. But you should join up the website, filling out some personal info before playing at Sportsbet. Thankfully, the registration procedure is easy and intuitive. We’re going to explain in more detail Sportsbet’s registration. Stay tuned and let’s get started!

How to Open an Account in Sportsbet

If you’re a new punter and don’t know how to play Sportsbet yet, stick with us and keep on scrolling through this review. You should join the bookmaker’s site at first to begin placing bets on this platform. Registration procedure will take up only a few minutes, plus with our step by step guidance you may go through the signup process even faster. Follow the next steps and you’re in:

  1. Open Sportsbet’s desktop/mobile version of their website and click on the “Join Now” button on top right.
  2. The registration form will be opened. There are two distinct ways to perform it: just using your Google account or entering your personal details manually. The latter way includes such information to enter as your full name, date of birth, home address, phone number and email address. Then add a username and password, used to log in and play at the Sportsbet’s site.
  3. Click on the green “Create account” button for completing Sportsbet’s registration.
  4. It will refer you to “Add Funds”, which lets you make deposits and then place bets straightforwardly.


Joining the bookie is typically a simple process to perform, but you should be attentive each time while entering any personal information. Read carefully their T&Cs before.

Sportsbet is primarily designed for Australian players. Other countries will be restricted during the registration. Phone number, address and currency should be appropriate as well.

They have to offer NO sign-up promotion at the time of the review. But the platform blows up with other bonuses and specials for local customers, which will be described in greater details a bit later in our “Online Betting Bonuses” section.

It’s not enough just to join in and then freely place bets on Sportsbet. You need to go through their verification process to fully enjoy the betting experience there. We’re going to cover this procedure in our next section.

How to Confirm Your Account

First of all, you need to verify your account within 13 days after its creation. After this, you can make withdrawals, play at Sportsbet and get the maximum out of it. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do to verify your account.

They’ll claim to verify your documents after the first deposit is made. In practical terms, when you go to “My account”, and see the “Verify Now” link. You can click on it right after your initial deposit is completed. Follow these steps to find out how to complete Sportsbet’s verification as quickly as possible.

  1. Log in your Sportsbet page and head onto “My Account”.
  2. Then click on the “Get Verified” link to pick from their available ID verifying options.
  3. Fill out all the needed personal details the same way they are on your ID.
  4. Complete the procedure by clicking on the green “Verify These Details” button.

Overall, this process will take up to 2-3 business days. If you are successful, your status on the “My account” page will turn into “Verified”. Moreover, you’ll get an email once your verification status is changed, confirming that you can withdraw all your winnings when playing at Sportsbet. So it’s important to check your email address for spelling several times to make sure everything is going correctly.







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Online Betting Bonuses

As we have said before, Sportsbet has no welcome bonus at the present. It’s the case because recent legislation in Australia announced some restrictions for bookmakers to stop giving any incentives. However, the bookie blows up with amazing seasonal offers instead. Playing at Sportsbet, you’ll not be left empty handed anyway. Here’s what Sportsbet displays at present:

Double Your Winnings

You need to place a bet on Sportsbet within their selected markets to get a match-up profit up to your qualifying stake. For example, if you place a $30 bet at 1.7 odds, you will receive $21 if the match wins, and also $21, credited to your “Bonus Bets” balance within 24 hours after the particular event ends.

Note: bonus is active within your first cash bet only. For more info on how to get and redeem these bonus bets read on their site in the “Specials” section.

3+ Leg Multi

Place a bet on Sportsbet with 3 legs or more, and if one leg lets you down, you may receive your stake back. Your cash will be credited in “Bonus Bets” once the conditions are met. You’ll get Sportbet Multi’s promo if you place a bet with “Same Game Multi” of 3 events or greater on any NBA Finals matches during the specified period. As for the other rules:

  • your refund will be equal to your qualifying stake up to $50;
  • minimum odds should be of 2.0 to take part in their Multi’s cash refund;
  • only one leg may fail in your coupon.

4+ Leg Multi

It’s another similar seasonal bonus available at Sportsbet at the time of writing our review. The rules are simple — just place a bet with “Same Game Multi” of 4 events or greater on any soccer matches during the specified period. Other terms and conditions include:

  • minimum price per one leg is $1.10;
  • minimum odds must be 2.0 or greater;
  • bonus is apply only within the first 3 losing multies;
  • no more than one leg may fail in your coupon.

If you choose playing with Sportsbet, you may enjoy their seasonal bonuses in abundance. Don’t worry if you miss out on these ones, described in our review. There will be an update soon. Get the most out of playing at Sportsbet.

Banking Options

Before playing at Sportsbet, you should check their available payment methods and pick the most convenient one. They have many options for Australian customers starting from standard credit/debit cards down to offline Sportsbet cash cards. We take a closer look at the payment methods the bookmaker displays, plus find out how to make deposits/withdrawals and play at Sportsbet.

Currencies accepted

When creating your account to play with Sportsbet, you can choose from such following currencies as Australian Dollars (AUD) and New Zealand Dollars (NZD). It’s worth noting that once you join the bookie, your currency can’t be changed. So, you’ll be locked down within one of available currencies. Not bad, not good. Just a fact. But you should make sure in choosing the right currency before playing at Sportsbet to avoid problems with your winnings and future withdrawals.

Note: if your choice is different from AUD currency, then our recommendation is to pick from PayPal or Credit/Debit cards for making the transactions as easy and fast as possible.


There are many ways for depositing and playing at Sportsbet. Customers may deposit with Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, POLi, Bpay. Let’s review each of these methods in greater detail.

  • Credit/Debit cards. They are the one among other instant options for funding your account with. Just click on the “Deposit” tab in “My Account”. Then enter your credit card banking details, deposit amount and click on “Deposit Now”.
  • POLi and Bpay. Deposits processed with these options will be credited instantly as well. Just select an appropriate option from the “Payment options” on the left, and then select your bank. Add the deposit amount (minimum is $5), and complete the process by clicking on “Deposit”.
  • PayPal. It’s also an instant online payment option, which lets you make any transactions into your account instantly. If you choose PayPal, you may follow the prompts displayed at Sportsbet’s site.
  • Bank Transfer. Open your online banking page at Sportsbet, and choose one of the available banking platforms like National Australia Bank or Commonwealth Bank Australia. Fill out your banking credit details and enter an appropriate cash amount. Deposits made through it may take about 24-48 hours.

One extra method for depositions is via their special Sportsbet Cash Card. It can be used for purchasing items online, offline (in shop), where Mastercard is accepted. Before using it, the card requires activation, about which you may read on their “FAQs” help centre. Even though this procedure will take up 2 business days, then the transactions will be processed immediately.

With a positive balance on your personal page, you may play at Sportsbet and fully enjoy its betting experience.

Method Min Limit Max Limit Time Charges
Visa $5 Instant Free
MasterCard $5 Instant Free
PayPal $5 Instant Free
POLi $5 Instant Free
Bank Transfer $5 24-48 hours Free
Bpay $5 24-48 hours Free


Before we head to the available withdrawal options at Sportsbet, it’s worth noting that all cash put into your account should be wagered at least once before any withdrawals. Another fact is that the option will be automatically selected according to your deposits, if it’s available of course. There are also many ways for moving your funds off Sportsbet’s website, including:

  1. Bank Transfer.
  2. Credit Card.
  3. PayPal.
  4. Sportsbet Cash Card.

The process of moving your cash off the site is similar to depositing it. The only difference comes with processing time in each transaction. If you click on the “Withdraw” tab before 2:00 pm from Monday to Friday, your funds will be credited on the next morning. If it happens after 2:00 pm or on the weekends, you can see your funds only the following working day. To play at Sportsbet and make transactions with no brainers, we’ve showcased two distinct tables with all the needed short info for available Sportsbet payment options.

Method Min Limit Max Limit Time Charges
Visa $10 1-3 days Free
MasterCard $10 1-3 days Free
PayPal $10 1-3 days Free
Bank Transfer $10 2-5 days Free
POLi $10 2-5 days Free

Betting Options

Playing at Sportsbet blows up with over 30 different sports that come with an abundant amount of markets and betting types for punters’ desire. These things and other features about wagering will be discussed a bit later in our review. But now let’s simply understand how to place a bet at their site in terms of playing at Sportsbet with ease of mind. Follow the quick step by step guide to place a bet on Sportsbet:

  1. Log into your page, select “Sports” from the tabs on the top menu bar.
  2. Select a specific sport/league/tournament available at Sportsbet.
  3. Find its betting market of your desire and choose a preferred event from the displaced options.
  4. Once you find an event, select an appropriate market within outcomes of your choice.
  5. After clicking on it, you’ll see this wager at the top right-hand Bet slip sidebar of Sportsbet’s main page.
  6. Enter your desired stake and enter “Bet”.

They provide an easy-to-use interface for punters to face no problems when placing a bet on Sportsbet.

Types of Bets Offered

You may play at Sportsbet with more than 30 different sports, within 100+ markets offered when considering the major sports. These include, but not limited to soccer, basketball, Australian and American football, tennis, among others.

The types of bets are also in abundance. We’ve shown only popular choosing options for events of English Premier League in the table below. Review what to expect when playing with Sportsbet:

Win-Draw-Win Double Chance Asian Handicap
Correct Score Handicap Number of Goals
Over/Under HT/FT Goal Time
Both Teams To Score Win to Nil Penalty
Draw No Bet Win Either Half Team To Score

There are also some special markets for placing a bet on Sportsbet, including such outcomes for playing as come from behind, winning margin, anytime own goal, over or under 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5 goals to score, and many more. After reviewing, we’ve found out that they only miss on player bets and cards/corners (in soccer). Yes, the quantity of markets is a bit narrowed when it comes to not major leagues, but still is impressive.

Moreover, you might place bets on Sportsbet’s outright events like manager specials, transfer markets of the 20/21 season (wagering on transactions between any two clubs whether a player moves from one club to another) and futures.

Regarding their specials that customers may place bets when playing at Sportsbet, we also want to mention two more features within wagering options. The first one is called Multi Builder. Just select a sport, then click on the “Multi Builder” button. Within one page you may add all markets of your desire, including even such as head to head, line only, and margin. These selections will be added to your bottom right-hand corner coupon. So, it’s very handy to track the odds increasing with every added selection, respectively.

Last but not least, you are able to play at Sportsbet Same Game Multi, allowing you to create multis within ONE chosen event. It gives punters an amazing opportunity to boost up on their betting experience and create higher odds.

Wagering on Sports Offered

Once you are ready to play with Sportsbet, click on “Sports” on the left-hand side bar menu. Their section includes over 30 various sports, nicely organized in an alphabetical order. We’ve included most popular in the list below:

Soccer Esport Rugby
Baseball Golf Snooker
Basketball Handball Soccer
Boxing Ice Hockey Table Tennis
Cricket MMA Tennis
Cycling Netball UK Outrights
Darts Pool Esports

To play at Sportsbet is easy because of their intuitive interface. Wagering on sports is a shining example of it, that’s why we want to show you in greater detail. Once you click on soccer, a new page will be opened with available countries displayed. Let’s then select the UK, and you’ll see listed both top and bottom leagues that may be played at Sportsbet. It gets started from such top tier leagues as England Premier, League 1, Championship and goes down to English Northern Division 1, U23 Pro Development League, and Isthmian Premier League (up to the 6th tier).

It works similarly with other sports Sportsbet offers. Let’s consider cricket. When you select it, there are two sections “Top” and “Other” cricket. The former block includes but is not limited to the Indian Premier League and Twenty20 Big Bash. In “Other cricket” there are not so major tournaments and leagues like National T20 Cup, Pakistan Super League, and WBBL, among others. As you can see, despite a great abundance of sports displayed at Sportsbet, they have done a brilliant job by optimizing their site for easier navigation.

Odds Quality

As a rule, any bookmaker that offers odds margin less than 10% is considered profitable. Sportsbet doesn’t have the best odds, but is quite compatible with others when it comes to their commissions. We want to review odds when playing at Sportsbet and placing bets on events from both premier and national leagues in some popular traditional sports they display.

League Match Odds1 Odds2 Odds3 Margin (%)
England Premier League Everton – Liverpool 3.75 4 1.83 6.31
La Liga Granada – Sevilla 4.20 3.40 1.86 6.98
England National League Wrexham – Maidenhead 1.61 3.40 4.60 13.26
Isthmian Premier League Enfield Town Kingstonian 1.85 3.70 3.25 11.85
IPL Delhi Capitals Rajasthan Royals 1.61 2.25 6.56
National T20 Cup Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southern Punjab 1.50 2.62 4.69
NBA Lakers – Heat 1.39 2.92 6.19

According to our review statistics above and additional calculations, we can assume that Sportsbet displays available events from some major soccer leagues and tournaments with 6-8% odds margin, and from smaller ones with 10-13%. If you prefer cricket, you may place a bet on Sportsbet with about 4.5-7% margin, regardless of what tier of league levels you choose. The same thing is with the NBA and NFL as well, where game lines are showcased with odds margin of 6-8%. Yes, they offer quite a high margin to play with Sportsbet, but it is still profitable for punters.

And finally, you can take advantage of Power Play if you choose to play at Sportsbet. It allows you to increase your odds in Same Game Multis. Just add some desired events in your bet slip, tap on the button and track your odds increasing. It’s only available when playing Sportsbet from either the mobile version or their app. Applied for some selected events.

Sportsbet Live Bets and Odds

Place bets on Sportbet’s pre-matches is easy and can be done directly at the site. When it comes to playing Sportsbet live bets, they are no longer able to confirm wagers from either website or mobile app. In order to place bets in a live match you should phone their managers by following the next algorithm:

  1. Click on the top left-hand corner “Bet Live” tab on their left sidebar menu from the homepage.
  2. The page will be opened with all available markets and current odds for in-play Sportsbet wagers.
  3. When you click on the odds of the certain event, you’ll see their number to place a bet.
  4. Click on “Call now to place bet” and you’ll be connected with their betting line.
  5. Quote your full name and Fast Code, two-syllable code generated for each live event separately.

Sportsbet has to offer a Cash Out feature for pre match events, live bets and multis. After placing a bet, just check out if it has the Cash Out symbol visible.

Note: if you phone their lines to place a live bet, then you’ll need to call them again to cash out. The same algorithm is with multis as well. If your multi has 3 legs in a bet slip and one of them plays Sportsbet in live, you would need to call their phone betting to cash out your winnings anyway.

Sportsbet Mobile Sports Betting App

You may play at Sportsbet via both desktop and mobile versions. The latter one implies wagering directly through your mobile browser or through their own application. With their app you can get access to all events displayed in the Sportsbet’s parent desktop version that come with over 1000 markets to wager on. Their dynamic bet slip allows you to play at Sportsbet easily, adding multis in your coupon as quickly as possible. Its app supports Android and iPhone/iPad operating systems 4.4 and 8 or greater, respectively. Here’s a guide on how to download both iPhone and Android app:

  1. In the “Settings” of your phone, find out “Device Administration” and then click on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Then tap “OK” and enter Sportsbet via your mobile browser.
  3. Head into “Download Centre” and choose to download their app with an appropriate link depending on your phone device.
  4. Once it’s installed, open and start playing with Sportsbet.

Note: those, who are wondering why to change phone settings to unknown services. Neither Google Play market nor App Store doesn’t allow any services and offers from online betting. And any app that isn’t downloaded from the mentioned platforms should be considered from an “Unknown Source”.

User Interface of the Sportsbet Official Website

First of all, Sportsbet has a responsive interface tailored to any size of desktop, tablet and mobile displays. We’re going to take a closer look at their desktop version, but other ones look similar.

Sportbet’s homepage is divided into three columns, with sports listed on the left, markets of all upcoming events in the centre and bet slip on the right. When you click on “Sports”, you’ll see several popular leagues. Scroll down to “Sports A-Z” to fully enjoy the selection available to play at Sportsbet. Once clicking on any sport, their navigation pane uses a dropdown algorithm, providing all the countries and leagues to choose from. Let’s click on soccer. In the centre, you’ll see sports markets with odds to place a bet on.

In the left navigation column of their menu, you’ll also find links to “Specials”, “Bet Live”, “Results”, “Help Centre”, among others. As you can see, all the needed features layed out in a well thought-out style for easier navigation. Such an approach brings a good betting atmosphere when playing at Sportsbet.

Sportsbet Online Sportsbook User Experience

There is absolutely no question when it comes to the website’s layout. Now let’s review Sportsbet usability as well. Oftentimes, what may be a negative for one person might be a positive for another. Nevertheless, each punter doesn’t want to waste time in scrolling through their site and finding a specific event. In the previous section of our review, you might point out that it’s needed a lot of clicks to place a bet. But, firstly, it becomes much faster once you get used to it. Secondly, when playing at Sportsbet, you may use a search filter on the top right-hand corner of their main page to find a specific game, tournament or league of your desire.

Bet slip is also very handy to use. It’s divided into vertical blocks, including Singles and Standard Multis to toggle on and off of each section. These small details make all the difference. Its bookmaker offers over 1000 sports events daily, and it’s become easy to get stuck in all the items. But, Sportsbet’s designers have done a brilliant job in providing an intuitive layout with superb user experience.

Live Streaming of Sports Events

When playing at Sportsbet, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to watch live streaming events on their website. All you need to do is to have a positive balance on your account or place a bet on any event within the last 24 hours. To find the displayed Sportsbet’s live section you should:

  1. Log into your personal page.
  2. Click on “Bet Live” at their left-hand navigation column of Sportsbet’s main page.
  3. Select a game of your desire, and then find the “Watch Live” icon.

Their in-play Sportsbet streaming feature is far from perfect, because sometimes it works not so smoothly, and there is a small quantity of sports available to watch live. It only includes basketball, ice hockey and tennis. But, they claim to improve and expand the number of sports to be streamed online.

Note: live streaming option may be unavailable due to some special geo-blocked spots they utilize. Don’t try to watch from outside Australia.

Sportbet Sportsbook Support and Account Security

Despite their fully optimized “FAQs” section, there are many options you can use to get in touch with their representatives as well. We may therefore say that Sportsbet’s support is of the most priority. We’ve tested their live chat option. They replied to us within one minute, and it was tailored specifically to us. We’ve remained with a good attitude towards their both service and professionalism. There are also other options to connect with Sportsbet’s managers listed below:

  • phone betting (placing live wagers) – 1800 138 238;
  • customer service, phone – 1800 990 907 (Australian format) and 61 8 8989 3000 (international number);
  • postal address – GPO Box 4755, Melbourne, VIC 3001;
  • email address –

All of them are available 24 hours a day, on a daily basis. You might reach them at any time you want and anywhere you are.

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Sportsbet FAQ

How to Join Sportsbet Online Betting?

  1. Enter their website and click in the top right corner “Join Now” button.
  2. Fill in your personal information or just sign up via your Google account.
  3. Click on “Create Account”.
  4. To play at Sportsbet you should verify your personality, sending all the required documents to

How to Bet on Sportsbet?

Just choose the event of your desire, add it to your bet slip, enter a cash amount and click on “Place bet”.

How to get a Sign-Up Bonus Offer in Sportsbet?

They have to offer no welcome bonus because of the recent legislation in Australia. Enjoy other seasonal bonuses available for punters playing at Sportsbet.

How to Deposit Money to Sportsbet?

  1. Enter the “Deposit” tab in“My account”.
  2. Then enter your credit card banking details and deposit amount.
  3. Click on “Deposit Now”.

How to Withdraw Money from Sportsbet?

  1. Select “Withdraw” tab in“My account”.
  2. Your payment option will be automatically chosen the same it is when making deposits.
  3. Complete its procedure by typing in your details and clicking “Withdraw”.

How to Delete a Sportsbet Account or Close it?

You need to connect their customer support with an appropriate request via any of the convenient options Sportsbet offers.

5 Things About Sportsbet You Should Know Before Betting

  1. Sportsbet has its own Card Cash, which might be used to purchase items online, offline (in Australian stores), where Mastercard is accepted.
  2. In 2016, after acquiring some major acquisitions, it merged with British rival Betfair. Thisentity rebranded as Flutter Entertainment plc, which currently owns Sportsbet.
  3. Sportsbet also paid out about $490 million to over 1500 different corporations for its marketing between the years 2012 – 2018.
  4. It goes far beyond only placing bets on Sportsbet. You may do pretty much anything while playing with Sportsbet. These include but are not limited to horse races, show contests, politics wagers, TV plotlines, and other events to place a bet on Sportsbet.
  5. There is a weekly podcast called “Three wide, no cover”, where its host Mick Wall invites two experts in the gambling field to discuss recent events and make some predictions that can be played at Sportsbet.

Sportsbet Advantages

Sportsbet may be proud of its:

  • well-known brand with over two decades of experience under their belt.
  • regular seasonal promotions;
  • low Sportsbet playthrough requirements;
  • responsive customer support;
  • available multi bet options;
  • excellent range of payment options.

Sportsbet Disadvantages

They have to offer no welcome bonus because recent legislation in Australia announced restrictions for bookmakers in providing newbies with incentives. Plus, there are enough customers’ reviews about such a common practice as limiting the accounts of successful members playing with Sportsbet.

Feedback on the Sportsbet Bookmaker

Overall, Sportsbet has been in the betting business for almost three decades of experience under its belt. They serve Australian punters with various seasonal bonuses, payment methods, bet types, covering every market you can think of. Its platform deserves a positive attitude and ranks a top place among other bookmakers in Australia. However, there are also some misses to play at Sportsbet as no signup package, country restrictions, and limitations on live streaming coverage. If you are an Australian resident, it’s certainly Yes for this sportsbook to play at.

by   Dipo Lukman