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Best basketball predictions 1×2: basketball betting tips win draw win free

Basketball is the most dynamic team sport in the world and one of the most-watched. A draw in the regulation time of a match here is next to impossible, so bettors are fond of gambling on one or the other team winning. Takebet South Africa is here to offer you free basketball predictions 1×2!

The National Basketball League (NBA) is top of the top, covered by our basketball predictions win draw win. Other tournaments that may be forecasted include Euroleague, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Afrobasket, Eurobasket, Summer Olympic basketball tournament.

To provide you with the best basketball betting tips 1×2, our experts use statistics of offensive and defensive performances of teams and players (e.g. ppg), H2H records and win/lose forms, motivation, team news, betting odds and probabilities lying in them.

Our windrawwin basketball predictions are delivered a half day or a full day prior to any match. They are supplied free of charge in this very section, as accumulator selections and single bets.

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1×2 basketball predictions overview

In the 1×2 betting market, wagers are made on the final outcome of basketball games, including winners of each quarter and each half aside from a match winner. The draw is typically absent, while any overtime is counted in. Takebet South Africa delivers betting picks for matches and periods.

There are two standard options in 1×2 basketball betting tips:

  • Home win (1)
  • Away win (2)

There is no draw result here. If regular time ends in a tie, teams go to overtime (OT). Whoever wins overtime, wins the game. The selections for the basketball predictions 1×2 are picks from different leagues and competitions, mainly the NBA (North America). Accumulator selections are published with larger odds, and you can either gamble on them or go solo with single picks.

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Basketball betting tips 1×2 explained

One can understand 1×2 basketball tips very easily: these are betting recommendations for one or the other squad winning the given match (OT included), or its quarter, or its half. These are two-way picks because only two options are available: the home or the away team to win. The other names for these include basketball money line betting picks and tips on win draw win.

Expanding on the topic, there are two halves and four quarters in a match. You can bet on the winner of each half, e.g. the Golden State Warriors to win the first half. Or, you can wager on the winner of each quarter. Also, one can bet on the half time full time result as a single bet.

Example of a standard two-way 1×2 basketball prediction: a gamble on the NBA clash between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, where the Heat are playing at home. A bet on “1” means staking on Miami to win, while a wager on “2” is staking on Boston’s triumph.

Note that sometimes bookies don’t include overtime and still take bets with a draw excluded as an option. So if regulation time ends in a tie, then a bettor loses because neither side has won.

Half time and quarter bets work in the same manner. However, if you place a half time full time bet on a basketball match, which is also called a double result bet (don’t confuse it with double chance), you need to predict both the outcome at half time and of the whole match.

Accumulator basketball 1×2 betting predictions

The sweet part of gambling on accumulators with basketball betting tips 1×2 is that they are combined with other types of picks like over under total, scores of quarters and handicaps by the analysts of Takebet South Africa. The main thing is for all selections to be from separate matches.

Accumulator basketball predictions 1×2 have high odds that are bigger than in singles. While the latter are usually priced somewhere from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200 American; 2/1 Fractional), accumulators often reach 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

Tournaments with 1×2 basketball betting tips

Experts select matches from popular basketball competitions to analyse them and come with 1×2 basketball tips. Takebet South Africa predicts games in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Some tournaments with win draw win basketball predictions on Takebet South Africa:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • Afrobasket
  • Eurobasket
  • FIBA Africa Basketball League
  • Summer Olympic basketball tournament and more

How experts analyse basketball for best 1×2 tips

Data is the god when it comes to analysing basketball and forecasting events here on Takebet South Africa.

Our experts start with researching the team data. The matches from the last couple of months are broken down, starting with accounting for winning and losing streaks, scoring trends, attack and defence performance by teams and key players. We explore H2H clashes in the same time frame to answer the question of who among two squads has the upper hand against the other.

The team news comes next. Before choosing any win draw win basketball tips, one should check out the available players first, to account for injured and suspended players as well as the fitness of key performers. This helps to predict the roster for the upcoming game. Absentees can affect the result of a team, as without the game-forming player performance might drop.

Home advantage is a factor that cannot be ignored. Top teams in the NBA always have a very good record in the league, so in this case, you bank on them to get the home win. Look at their home record in the previous games, how many wins they’ve got and compare it to the losses.

Staking on the away team in your basketball betting tips 1×2 can also be possible depending on the scenario. When a team is on the road and has won, say, two games already with one remaining, and if they are facing a weaker opposition that is playing at home, you can bet on the away side because of their form. And they will probably close out the road trip with another win.

Betting odds and probabilities matter when you select your bets. If the odds are not favourable, no one will stake their money. Everyone wants to win, at least in the long run. Takebet South Africa checks out different betting sites to get you the latest odds and provide predictions with good ones.

Betting strategies for win draw win basketball predictions

Using strategies from tipsters as a guideline is the easiest way for a newbie punter to start gambling on sports. And there are betting strategies for basketball predictions 1×2 to help.

Let’s explore some of them!

  1. Betting strategy for quarter 1×2 basketball tips. The thing is, the underdog rarely loses all four quarters even if they are bound to lose the match. Moreover, after winning the first half of a match, the favourite sometimes loses his grip. Your aim here is to pursue the underdog’s quarter win with a tactic called Martingale, doubling your stake after each loss in order to refund your depletion — and win some next time. Arm yourself with the following recommendations to choose teams and matches: 1) there should be no lost matches with all the quarters lost for both squads this season, 2) over 80% of the H2H matches this season should have at least one quarter won by each team, 3) choose teams who are more productive point-wise in the second half as underdogs.

  2. Strategy for basketball tips 1×2 on underdogs. Wager on the underdog under the following circumstances: 1) the favourite is playing an away match and is not motivated to pull off a conclusive victory, 2) the underdog is on a streak of a few losses or has lost more often than usual recently, but now a key player is coming back or the team is especially motivated — the odds on a clean win may reach 4.00 (+300 American; 3/1 Fractional) or more, 3) the same but different thing about the odds, when the favourite had a few big wins, 4) according to H2H, the underdog always puts up a fight. A good pick in this case is a handicap on the underdog with the betting odds of 2.00 or more.

Free basketball predictions 1×2: how to get access

Takebet South Africa posts basketball win draw win predictions daily for free on this page. All of them are released around one day prior to any match and are then categorised by date.

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What is a 1×2 basketball tip?

Basketball betting picks 1×2 (win draw win) are bets on the winner of a match, which usually include any overtime (OT) in case of a regulation time ending in a draw. Thus, these bets are two-way by default: a bettor stakes either on the first side or on the second side to win.

Example: the Memphis Grizzlies are playing the Philadelphia 76ers on the home turf, and you stake on the home side to win. Regulation time of the match ends with a surprise 110-110 score, and the match goes to overtime. Then, the Grizzlies are up 135-130 and win. You win the bet, because Memphis are the ultimate winners, and overtime is usually counted in for basketball.

Note that some bookies may not count overtime in. Also, they still may offer a two-way bet, thus, in case of a tie after regulation time, you would lose. Always read the rules of your bookie.

With basketball predictions 1×2, you can also bet on combo single bets in which those are paired with over under totals, handicaps and maybe some other bets. Also, Takebet South Africa drops accumulator bets featuring 1×2 basketball betting tips with odds higher than usual.

When do you post 1×2 tips on basketball?

The 1×2 basketball tips are posted a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 hours in advance to the start of any fixture. Thus, when the previous matches are done and the odds are issued.

Are your basketball betting tips 1×2 free?

Yes, all articles with sporting forecasts on Takebet South Africa are published free of charge.

Do you have basketball 1×2 picks for today and tomorrow?

For sure, one can find picks for games starting in the next 48 hours. By following the links, you will find basketball predictions win draw win for today and win draw win basketball tips for tomorrow alongside basketball weekend win draw win predictions for Saturday and Sunday.

What are the betting odds of basketball 1×2 predictions?

The odds of our predictions are of different ranges depending on the bet type. For singles, the odds are mostly from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) and to 3.00 (+200 American; 2/1 Fractional). For accas, they go as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

How to bet on basketball tips 1×2?

To bet on basketball money line predictions and tips offered by Takebet South Africa, first access the 1×2 section of Takebet South Africa and choose basketball in it. Now, tap on any article. You should read through the chosen analytical feature before staking on the picks. If you feel okay with the arguments, tap on BET NOW in the bottom to visit a top online bookie, get your money on it and punt!

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