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Best soccer betting tips 1×2: soccer predictions win draw win free

Is there anything more popular and beloved than soccer tips win draw win for betting? We highly doubt that here at Takebet South Africa! For this reason our betting experts offer free 1×2 soccer predictions on all top leagues and international tournaments alongside smaller competitions.

Tournaments well-covered with soccer betting tips 1×2 include the Champions League, the Europa League, the EPL, La Liga Primera, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, South African Premier Division, NPFL, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, etc.

To offer the best soccer tips 1×2 on the web, our experts gather and research results of recent matches and head-to-heads, stats such as goals scored and conceded, shots on target, performance in ball possession and standard kicks, defensive actions, news and odds.

Our soccer betting picks of 1×2 (win draw) type come as singles and accumulator selections.

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1×2 soccer predictions overview

The simplest way to start playing at online bookmakers is by staking on soccer betting tips win draw win. These are basic bets on the outcome of a match, all 90 minutes of it (plus a few, added to each half). Sometimes two-way wagers on the final outcome of a play-off match are counted in as 1×2 too, with two extra halves and a series of post-match penalties included.

There are three options in standard 1×2 soccer tips for betting:

  • Home win (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away win (2)

Given the versatility of win draw win picks, all soccer tournaments offered at bookmakers down to the smallest ones have such options, so tips of this type are multiple on Takebet South Africa.

Aside from going solo as singles, our free soccer predictions 1×2 can be combined with other wagers into accumulators with high odds, which gives you more options to gamble on.

Read on to know more about this kind of picks and to get examples of their settlement.

Soccer betting tips 1×2 explained

What are soccer tips win draw win exactly? The answer lies in the name of this bet: you wager on one of three possible outcomes, namely the win of the first team (home or 1), the win of the second team (away or 2) and the draw (X). So 1×2 is a complete synonym of WDW.

At some popular bookies as well as on Takebet South Africa, two-way bets on the outcome of soccer games (e.g. home or away win) are categorised as 1×2 as well. Our experts mark such picks as those that are settled with extra halves and penalty shootouts counted in, to avoid misunderstanding. Safe to say that in soccer, if there is a draw you can bet on, then this is a regular time only pick.

Also, there are half time win draw win soccer tips for betting on first and second halves.

Example of a basic three-way 1×2 soccer prediction: you gamble on Bayern Munich to triumph over Borussia Dortmund in a Bundesliga match. If you bet on “1”, then you need Bayern to win. If on “2”, then you need Borussia to win. And if you choose “X”, then you need a draw.

Some of the best soccer tips 1×2 are those that combine the said wager with other ones, such as over under totals, both teams to score (BTTS) and goalscorers. In these cases, you gamble on the same match, but you need both parts of such a bet to win. Some examples: the home win and both teams to score, X and over 2.5 goals or PSG to win and Messi to score.

Accumulator win draw win soccer predictions

As it was mentioned earlier, some free betting tips 1×2 soccer predictions come as accumulators on Takebet South Africa. These are twofolds, threefolds, fourfolds and fivefolds with bets on separate matches mixed into one combo with high odds. Sometimes experts compile accas with WDW tips and predictions only, while sometimes multiples include other betting markets too.

The odds of accumulators on Takebet South Africa go as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

Tournaments with 1×2 soccer tips

Our win draw win soccer tips for betting are selected for each of the top tournaments, including domestic leagues and cups alongside international competitions of clubs and national teams. The team of Takebet South Africa predicts soccer across continents: Europe, America, Africa and more.

Some of the tournaments with win draw soccer predictions on Takebet South Africa:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Conference League
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • South African Premier Division
  • Nigeria Professional Football League
  • FA Cup
  • Carabao Cup
  • Copa del Rey
  • Coppa Italia
  • Coupe de France
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • UEFA Nations League
  • CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • CONMEBOL Copa America
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup

How experts analyse soccer for best tips 1×2

Experts of Takebet South Africa conduct a thorough analysis for soccer predictions 1×2 before posting them here in this section. All the picks on offer are data-based, so any analysis revolves around stats.

  1. Run of form. Basically that’s the results of each team from the last five to ten matches. Our analyst analyses the same tournament and all competitions in which teams take part. Experts take into account scores, goals and shot efficiency against xG, ball control ratios, performance at standard kicks, defensive actions, players’ performance, etc.
  2. Head-to-head. Same stats and results are analysed when it comes to H2H matches of the teams in question. It is optimal to take four to six latest head-to-heads, from the current season and the previous 1-2 runs if the squads haven’t changed substantially.
  3. Key players. Availability of key performers in the offence, midfield and defence directly influences the results. A bettor can’t rely on the past matches in his soccer betting tips win draw win if some of the most influential performers are not fit for the game. Experts research recent news and watch previous fixtures to know who is available and fit.
  4. Betting odds. Whenever you choose a wager on a soccer fixture, understanding corresponding odds and probabilities is a must. This lets you pick bets of value.

Betting strategies for soccer tips win draw win

Following a gambling strategy as a set of instructions is the easiest way for a newbie punter to start gambling on sports. And surely there are strategies for soccer 1×2 betting predictions.

Let’s explore some of them!

  1. Strategy for away win bets in soccer. Wager on the away team to triumph under the following circumstances: 1) the away team is content with a victory only, 2) the home team has no tournament motivation to win, 3) the odds on the away win are over 2.00 (+100 American; 1/1 Fractional), 4) the home team has won under 50% of home games this season, 5) the guests receive more points in away matches than at home.
  2. Strategy for 1×2 tips on soccer favourites. Wagering on the favourite is a sound decision under the following circumstances: 1) the team and the players are at the peak of their form, 2) the favourite is playing at home, 3) the favourite is motivated to win the match (better unlike the underdog): either to qualify for play-offs, or to participate in European club tournaments next season, of to avoid dropping to a lower division. Wager when favourites have odds high enough, better when the odds have been just issued.
  3. Strategy for bets against the favourite in soccer. Gamble on the underdog to win under the following circumstances: 1) the underdog is playing at home and has won over 50% of home matches this season, 2) the favourite was unstable in the last five matches and hasn’t won any of them with more than a one goal lead, 3) the underdog concedes less than a goal on average in home fixtures this season, 4) the favourite is a principal opponent for the underdog, 5) the favourite was left without one or more key players.

Free soccer predictions 1×2: how to get access

Takebet South Africa posts free betting tips 1×2 soccer predictions daily on this very page. All of them are released one or two days prior to any match starting and are then categorised by date.

Filters to get access to betting picks for near dates:


What is a 1×2 soccer prediction?

Soccer predictions win draw win are bets on the outcome of the regular 90 minutes of a match. Bets on the final outcome of play-off games, with extra halves and a penalty shootout included, are often categorised as 1×2 picks too, but these wagers miss on a draw option. Also, on Takebet South Africa you get 1×2 tips on soccer for separate halves of a match, so not only for a full time.

Example: you stake on Chelsea to win over Tottenham in a Premier League game. Chelsea is the away team, so that’s the “2” option of 1×2. They win two goals to one in 90 minutes, and so you are in the black. However, a draw or Tottenham winning the game would mean a loss.

At top bookmakers, there is an opportunity to combine soccer betting tips win draw win with other bets on the same match, including over under totals, BTTS and anytime goalscorer.

When do you post soccer 1×2 betting predictions?

All soccer betting picks of this type are posted 1-2 days before any match starts. This largely depends on the tournament schedule, the availability of the odds and if past games are done.

Are the betting tips in 1×2 soccer predictions free?

Yes, all soccer betting tips win draw win can be accessed for free if posted on Takebet South Africa.

Do you have 1×2 soccer tips for today and tomorrow?

For sure, most of the 1×2 tips (soccer) are offered for the games starting in the next 48 hours. By following the links, you will find 1×2 soccer predictions for today and soccer tips win draw win for tomorrow alongside 1×2 soccer tips for weekends, on matches of Saturday and Sunday.

What are the betting odds of soccer 1×2 predictions?

Odds of our win draw soccer predictions differ depending on the type of a pick, if it is a single or an accumulator. For singles, the odds start at 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) and go up to 3.00 (+200 American; 2/1 Fractional) on most occasions. For accas, odds go as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional), but on rare occasions they can be even higher.

How to bet on soccer tips 1×2?

To wager on the free soccer predictions 1×2 offered by Takebet South Africa, first access the corresponding subsection with such picks and choose any of the upcoming games. You should read through the chosen prediction article before staking on the recommended picks. If you like what you see, tap on the BET NOW button to visit a trusted online bookie, make a deposit and gamble!

More tips with soccer betting markets on Takebet South Africa

There are other sections with soccer betting tips as well, featuring various other gambling options aside from WDW and covering tournaments in Europe, Americas, Africa and more.

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