American Football Betting Tips

Best American football predictions: free American football tips and betting picks

Being larger than life, American football — or simply football in the USA and Canada — enjoys millions of followers in Northern America and the world. Takebet South Africa offers free American football betting tips on the NFL and the Super Bowl alongside top games in other leagues.

Betting markets in American football predictions for games include all popular options: money line, bets against the spread, over under point totals, player props and more. American football bet tips are featured in accumulators and come as single wagers.

American football betting predictions on Takebet South Africa feature lots of big names such as the Green Bay Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the LA Rams, the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, the SF 49ers and other teams.

Betting odds of American football tips range from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fraction) to 10.00 (+900; 9/1) on most occasions. American football picks come around 24 hours in advance.

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