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Free basketball predictions and pro game betting tips

Basketball is one of the sports enjoying the highest popularity among bettors. Being aware of that, Takebet South Africa regularly provides our readers with free basketball predictions for games covering the NBA, Euroleague, Eurobasket, and the FIBA World Cup.

Our pros drop single picks alongside accumulator predictions. For bets, the journalists choose such basketball betting markets as money line (1×2), point spread handicaps, scores, over/under point totals, proposition bets, and other diverse odds.

The best basketball betting tips on Takebet South Africa are always the outcome of in-depth research. We explore results and statistical parameters of teams and players: recent fixtures and H2H, win percentages, turnovers, rebounds, blocks, free throws, and such.

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About our basketball predictions

On Takebet South Africa, you will discover all kinds of basketball tips: match ones and season-long forecasts, single bets and combos of several selections. We prefer moderate odds on basketball, neither high nor low, but their main requirement is for the odds to be valuable.

Our analysts pick bets among tens of varied basketball betting options. Want to learn more? Let’s find out what Takebet South Africa, arguably the best basketball prediction site, offers!

Types of predictions we provide

We publish analytical articles about basketball matches with two kinds of tips, single and accumulator bets. The former ones are for one game only. A single basketball bet can be an outcome prediction, a total pick, or a handicap tip. The odds of our single betting picks span from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1).

So what about basketball accumulators? These are combinations of two or more selections from separate matches. With a basketball multi-bet, you get higher odds, which amount to about 10.00 (+900; 9/1) on Takebet South Africa.

Outright predictions are another treat for you. Let’s take the NBA as an example! You will enjoy tips on the league winners, the Eastern and the Western Conference winners, the top scorer, and the MVP. Of course, we also predict player specials, like LeBron James breaking Kareem-Abdul Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points scored.

Pro team of Takebet South Africa

Our basketball experts are among the most prolific in making predictions. The team unites highly experienced betting analysts and journalists who use data, results, and trends of odds movement to provide you with top basketball betting tips.

What do our basketball betting tips cover?

Takebet South Africa researches and predicts major global basketball competitions, including international matches and domestic club tournaments. Our coverage focuses on North America, Europe, and Africa.

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Predicted basketball tournaments

The basketball competitions with predictions on Takebet South Africa include:

Punters can expect basketball tips for betting on top games of these tournaments.

Betting markets and odds of basketball tips

Frequently our betting predictions for basketball games feature options that enjoy significant volumes of money coming in. A great example is an outcome bet on the team to win a match! However, we also analyse rare betting markets, such as player stats.

Here are some options in our free basketball betting tips:

Outright betting tips on teams and athletes

The pros of Takebet South Africa provide long-term predictions for tournament outcomes and performances of particular teams and basketball players during the season.

There are bets on teams to finish top of the group or qualify for the playoffs, to score less or more points in a season than a specific total, and even bets on the NBA draft.

We may predict a particular NBA franchise finishing above another team in the conference table. Or, we can tip on a team to complete the NBA season in the top 8.

Our experts also provide basketball betting predictions on individual players: there are tips on top awards at the end of the season, such as the MVP, the rookie of the year, the best attacking and defensive players, and the point totals of star athletes.

Significant events in the 2022-23 basketball season

The 2022-23 NBA season starts on 18 October 2022. The end of the regular season is 9 April 2023. From April to June 2023, we will bear witness to the 2023 NBA playoffs.

The 2022-23 Euroleague takes place from 6 October 2022 to 14 April 2023. In May 2023, the tournament trophy will be contested in the Final Four.

Let’s preview the new season of the NBA and the Euroleague below.

2022-23 NBA preview

The Miami Heat finished the 2021-22 Eastern Conference first with 646 points, 53 wins, and 29 defeats. In the conference finals, they were beaten by the Boston Celtics, who ended up with 622 points, 51 wins, and 31 losses in the regular season.

The Golden State Warriors won the 2022 NBA finals against the Celtics (4-2). Before that, they topped the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals (4-1). The Warriors finished the regular season with 646 points after 53 victories and 29 losses.

All these four franchises are among the favourites of the 2022-23 NBA season.

2022-23 Euroleague preview

Anadolu Efes defended their title by beating Real Madrid (93-90) in the final 2021-22 Euroleague match to become the champions for the second time. As a result, this Turkish basketball team is priced as the main favourite to win the 2022-23 Euroleague, too.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, with the former holding the league record of 10 championships, follow in the footsteps of Anadolu by chance of winning the trophy.

How our experts analyse basketball

Basketball stats and predictions come hand in hand. Our basketball betting experts carefully compile data in search of statistical trends to calculate probabilities and spot valuable bets. In this step, we analyse recent results and H2H.

Secondly, Takebet South Africa studies news and rumours to understand the players’ form fully.

Finally, we research betting odds to compare them with actual probabilities and find value, which makes us truly one of the top basketball prediction sites.

Below are some basketball statistical factors experts analyse for picks:

  • Points per game
  • Blocks per game
  • Steals per game
  • Offensive ratings
  • Defensive ratings
  • Assist-to-pass percentages
  • Assist-to-turnover ratio
  • Free throw percentages
  • Field goals percentages
  • Three-pointer percentages
  • Assist ratio
  • Rebounds
  • Offensive rebounds
  • Defensive rebounds
  • Turnover percentages
  • True shooting percentages

These parameters let us draw the efficiency ratings of teams and players with outcome chances in upcoming matches. Then, we pick sure basketball predictions.

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