Olympic Basketball Predictions

Best 2021 Olympics basketball predictions: Olympic basketball betting tips free

All the basketball heat of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics — explored in free Olympic basketball predictions on Takebet South Africa!

In 2021 men’s Olympic basketball, the USA team is the odds-on favourite with chances of winning gold around 80% — 1.25 (-400 American; 1/4 Fractional). Spain and Australia follow the United States with odds of 10.00 (+900; 9/1) and 12.00 (+1100; 11/1), respectively. Key stars: Kevin Durant (USA), Ricky Rubio (USA), Marc Gasol (Spain), Luka Doncic (Slovenia).

In the women’s 2021 Olympic basketball tournament, all picks are for the USA team too — betting odds of 1.10 (-1000; 1/10) and chances of 90%. The Australia ladies follow with 11.00 (+1000; 10/1) odds, and then comes Spain — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1).

The team behind the best Olympic basketball betting tips researches current stats of scoring efficiency, assists, blocks, rebounds and more. We analyse historical results, recent team progress and players’ form. Predictions reveal both men’s and women’s Olympics basketball match outcomes!