Ice Hockey Correct Score Betting Tips

Best ice hockey correct score predictions: hockey score tips and picks for betting free

Fancy some higher odds than offered on your regular outcome bets? Takebet South Africa will supply you with free ice hockey score predictions for the NHL, IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament and top matches of some other competitions.

In ice hockey, correct score betting tips are on the exact number of goals scored by each team during the regular time of a game. Thus, if a bettor gambles on “4-2”, this means that the first team (home) must score four goals, while the second team (away) must score two goals.

Analysts offer hockey score tips based on raw data and probabilities lying in betting odds: recent match results against other opponents, H2H trend this season and historically, statistics on team performance in offence and defence, fitness of key players and the latest news.

Get on board now and make use of the free ice hockey score betting picks from Takebet South Africa!