European Handicap Betting Tips

Best European handicap betting tips: European handicap predictions and picks free

In professional sports betting, European handicap predictions for soccer, ice hockey and other sports are used quite often. Experts of Takebet South Africa offer the best free European handicap tips on top tournaments: English Premier League, the UCL, La Liga and more.

How are European handicap betting tips different from standard ones? Firstly, you can wager on a draw with this spread. Secondly, values of European handicap prediction tips are integers only (e.g. +1 or -1), and a bettor loses if the actual game total equals the value.

How do our analysts arrive at the predictions? In short, in-depth analysis of soccer and other sports data alongside betting odds helps us: H2H results, outcomes and stats of recent matches, players’ performances, current news and probabilities are explored.

Our free European handicap picks are published in this section a day or two prior to any match. If there are currently none, check out the handicap betting tips section for other spread picks on offer. And if there are games upcoming, don’t hesitate to bet with Takebet South Africa now!