Olympic Soccer Predictions

Best 2021 Olympics soccer predictions: Olympic soccer betting tips free

Find out the sure 2021 Olympic soccer predictions! Our squad picks men’s and women’s tournaments of the U23 teams at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

In 2021, Spain U23 national team is the favourite, with a central midfielder Pedri from the Euro 2020 squad on their roster as the top star. Odds of Spaniards’ winning are 2.80 (+180 American; 9/5 Fractional). Current champions Brazil are the second contenders with odds of 3.80 (+280; 14/5).

Experts analyse current rosters and their history of playing together, as well as their past results. Star players with experience of participating in tournaments like Euro and the World Cup are in our special focus.

The expert team drops Olympics soccerl betting tips starting from men’s and women’s outright winner markets. When time comes, Olympics soccer predictions are given for the important group matches and the complete playoffs. Takebet South Africa picks soccer Olympics winners free!