All-star: speculations of EPL XI going against against other top league XIs

The notion of an all-star North vs. South matchup in the English Premier League, similar to those in American sports, was recently floated by Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly.

According to the American billionaire, the Premier League will learn from American sports. Boehly estimates that the 2018 MLB All-Star Game brought in roughly $200 million (£181 million).

Football writers, analysts, and managers have widely criticized the idea. Particularly attacking the notion was Jurgen Klopp, who based his defense on the distinctions between the two sports. He explained the four-month break that American Football specifically incorporates as a justification for the possibility of its all-star games.

According to The Times, Boehly’s proposal was addressed with Premier League executives during a meeting in an effort to broaden the league’s audience and boost revenue. The executives, though, favoured a development that involved creating a combined Premier League team that would face off against other leagues.

According to rumors, Europe is where the games will most likely be played. The Premier League XI would compete against groups from the Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, and other leagues.

The suggestion will be taken into account together with other ideas put out to efficiently enhance viewership and profits through overseas TV rights.

The all-star concept is reported to have been significantly influenced by an increase of American ownership in the top-flight, particularly in the English Premier League. About 50% of the clubs in the division have investments from the USA.

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