Bayern named absolute favourite of Bundesliga 2021-22 by international betting sites

Online betting sites have named Bayern Munich the odds-on, teeth-crushing favorite of the new Bundesliga season 2021-22. The team has won 9 seasons in a row and is ready to conquer the 10th. Their closest opponents are Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig. The BVB have finished second in 5 of the last 11 Bundesliga seasons and have won two titles in this period. Leipzig have finished as vice-champions twice in the last 5 seasons.

Bayern Munich have all they need to extend their streak of 9 consecutive championships won. They have not lost more than 4 of 34 season fixtures in the Bundesliga in those 9 years. The Bavarians won the Club World Cup 2020 as well

The Bayern Munich roster looks reliable. There is Robert Lewandowski, top scorer who is the second contender for the Ballon d’Or right now after the perfect 2020-21 season. Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and David Alaba are ready to shine as well, and they are among the best midfielders and defenders in the world. Of course, there is Manuel Neuer too, who has put up a solid performance at Euro 2020, in spite of losing the Round of 16.

There are no reasons to lose the next season for The Bavarians. Online bookmakers are confident that Bayern Munich will triumph and have priced this outcome with the odds of 1.20 (-500 American; 1/5 Fractional). Chances are around 83%.

Borussia Dortmund are Bayern’s top competitors. BVB won German Cup 2020-21, while Bayern sensationally did not qualify for the playoffs. Borussia was second in 2 of the last 3 seasons, and very close to beat The Bavarians too. They were 2 points short in 2018-19.

Borussia to break Bayern Munich’s champion streak are priced with the odds of 8.00 (+700; 7/1), which equals an approximate probability of 12.5%.

RB Leipzig have won the Bundesliga 3 times in their history. They were in better conditions in the previous seasons. Leipzig took the second place last time being 13 points behind the undefeated Bayern. This team is far from being favourites, but they are probable to finish in the top 3 and have a little chance of becoming the champions.

This outcome is priced with the odds of 17.00 (+1600; 16/1), with chances around 6%.

There are Bayer Leverkusen too, who finished the previous season in 6th. This team is stable in getting somewhere around the top, but it is unlikely that they will win the championship according to the betting sites. This outcome comes with the odds of 81.00 (+8000; 80/1). Chances are around 1.5%.

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