FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Final: Chances of Chelsea to beat Palmeiras equal 70%

International sports betting sites assume the chances of Chelsea are more than twice bigger than that of Palmeiras to win the final of FIFA Club World Cup. The final win of the Blues is priced with the odds of 1.33 (-303 American; 33/100 Fractional) against 3.25 (+225; 9/4) on Palmeiras, which is around 70% against 30%.

For Chelsea, this will be their second chance to win the trophy after their loss to Corinthians in 2012. Interestingly, since then every FIFA Club World Cup final has been won by the current UEFA champion, so statistically the Blues are well-positioned to get the trophy.

The regulation time win of Chelsea is priced at 1.61 (-164; 61/100) — chance of around 60%. The same outcome for the Brazilian side is priced at 7.00 (+600; 6/1), while the draw is at around 3.50 (+250; 5/2). The probabilities of the latter to outcomes are around 13% and 27%, respectively.

On top of that, sports bookies expect a game low on goals, with odds of 1.65 (-154; 13/20) on under 2.5 goals against 2.20 (+120; 6/5) on over 2.5 goals — the probability of approximately 57% against 43%.

The 2021 FIFA Club World Cup final will start at 4:30 p.m. GMT on 12 February 2022.

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