Preliminary Euro 2024 favourites named by international betting sites

In spite of losing in the Round of 16 at Euro 2020, Germany and France have been named the chief preliminary favourites of the next Euro by online bookies. They are the first and the second teams by the odds of winning the tournament, respectively. Four teams are among the third joint favourites of Euro 2024: Spain, Italy, Belgium and England have equal chances of winning. Netherlands and Portugal share the 4th place and conclude the list.

Germany, which is the overall most successful team at Euro events, is the main favourite of Euro 2024. They had been lucky to qualify for playoffs, but were swept in the first fixture against England (0-3).

Current German roster are the current champions of the FIFA Confederations Cup and ex-champions of the FIFA World Cup. With a new coach, Germans are set for new heights.

Online bookmakers rate their chances at 20%, which is the highest probability on this list. Germany to win the next Euro event is priced with the odds of 5.00 (+400 American; 4/1 Fractional)

France has the second most expensive roster and is positioned second in the rating of most betting sites. France had finished the group stage first, but lost in the 1/8 finals. The French national team are the current World Cup champions and a powerhouse. Their championship comes with the odds of 6.00 (+500; 5/1), which equals an approximate probability of 16.7%.

Italy and England are the current champion and finalist of Euro 2020, respectively. Both showed solid play, and Italy set a new record by winning all the matches of Euro 2020 starting with the qualifiers. England will be clearly motivated to conquer the next Euro after an annoying defeat in the penalty shootout against Donnaruma and company (1-1; 3-2 penalties).

Both teams to win Euro 2024 come with the same odds of 7.00 (+600; 6/1). Chances are around 14.3%.

Belgium and Spain each suffered painful exits at Euro 2020. The Spaniards played well but lost to Italy in the semis, with the latter edging them in a penalty shootout (1-1; 4-2 penalties). Belgium was more of a disappointment: they finished first in their group, but got beaten by Italy in quarter-finals with a 1-2 full-time score.

Both teams’ victories at Euro 2024 come with the same odds as Italy’s and England’s.

Portugal and Netherlands overall wins look possible, but not that reliable. Portugal to win the title for the second time comes with the odds of 10.00 (+900; 9/1). Probability is around 10%. Netherlands winning odds and chances are the same.

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